and Fittings

Ideally, every horse should undergo regular saddle fittings to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Every horse's needs should be carefully considered. Therefore, if your saddle requires repairs and/or fittings, Paramount Saddlery is proud to offer the following services to our North American clients.


Need your favourite saddle brought back to life? We work closely with many manufacturers to offer you factory-quality repairs. Paramount Saddlery is authorized to work on Ridgemount, Antares, Prestige, Childeric as well as many other brands. Most saddles can be repaired, but not all foam-filled panels can be adjusted. Ask our specialists to ensure the repair you require is possible.



Saddle Fittings

Does your existing saddle fit right? Let us assess and, if possible, make your current saddle fit like it should. You can count on our extensive saddlery training and equine background. Contact us today for details on organizing a saddle fitting clinic at your stable.

Regular Fittings

A wool-flocked saddle should be assessed by a saddler at least once a year. This does not necessarily mean it will need to be reflocked every time, but the fit and condition of the saddle, including billets and other parts, should be verified.

In some cases, the saddle should be assessed more frequently. For example, a young, growing horse changes shape throughout the year, and it is extremely important to ensure the saddle is not causing any discomfort that will hinder its training. Similarly, a horse in poor condition or overweight entering a training program or a horse changing careers, (i.e., going from pleasure riding to dressage work) may develop muscles and change shape, therefore requiring more checkups. Older horses may start to lose muscle tone and the protective layer of fat over their back and spine; they, too, may benefit from more frequent examinations.

Fitting Check Points

The following are other points to look for to determine whether your saddle needs adjusting

Paramount Saddlery Retail Price List

Dis/reassemble and basic inspection $150
New seat $800
New seat foam $350
New skirts (in addition to new seat) $200
New flaps (does not include new pads) $375
New knee pads with foam $225
Sweat flap $275
Stirrup bar replacement $200
Billets (long or short) $35.00 each
Billet relocation (includes web if required) $85
Thigh/knee/calf blocks $150 pair

Panel Adjustments

Standard reflocking $250
Complete wool reflocking $350
Panel wedge or gusset (includes new wool) $600
Foam replacement $500
Saddle tree (adjustment only) $300
Saddle tree (adjustment with reflocking) $125
Saddle tree repairs starting at $225 to $300
Saddle tree replacement $700
Shop’s hourly rate $70
Consultation fee (Ontario only) $175 per horse
Daily rate for clinics of 4 or more horses within Ontario $700

Outside of Ontario, please add travel and additional expenses.
This price list is only an estimate.
All saddles will be examined prior to final quote.
Prices do not include any applicable taxes or shipping.
Saddles will be shipped after payment has been received.
A $10 charge will be applied if a new box is required for return shipping.